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China Cute portable straw type children’s Cup manufacturers and suppliers | CHUNCHEN

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  • Product name: Childrens-straw-thermos-cup
  • Material: 316 stainless steel+PP+SILICONE
  • Color: Hami melon, strawberry, mango
  • Minimum order quantity: 2000PCS
  • Port: Ningbo port/any Chinese port
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    Product Name Children’s thermos cup
    Model CXET-350
    Series Healthy fruit series
    Colour Hami melon, strawberry, mango
    Capacity 350ml
    Material 316 stainless steel+PP+SILICONE



    1. The inner and outer parts are made of stainless steel, refined with advanced vacuum pumping technology.

    The inner tank is seamless, has good sealing performance and good thermal insulation performance

    2.Easy to carry.

    3.Sealing and leak proof safety material



    1.One button switch

     Safety latch switch    Cup cover6

    The safety latch is a single hand safety latch design; The button is unlocked when it is pushed upward,

    and water can be drawn directly after it is opened: the push plate is designed for safety locking function

    structure to avoid water leakage at the wrong place

    2.TPR coating design

    Anti spray exhaust                             Glue wrapping design

    The principle of high pressure vent valve is used on the suction pipe. Soft rubber TPR exhaust button

    is designed on the top of the cover.At the moment when the cover is opened, even if hot water above

    55 ° C is installed, there will be no water spray after exhaust, and thefully sealed thermal insulation

    effect is better




    3.316 stainless steel liner

    Safe food grade material           cup body6

    The cup cover is made of food grade plastic, safe and harmless, without BPA. The silica gel suction nozzle

    is made of food grade silica gel material, with good toughness and high temperature resistance. The cup

    body adopts imported high-quality food grade 316 stainless steel liner, which is integrated. The surface

    adopts wear-resistant and scratch resistant paint. The inner tank is designed with vacuum and copper

    plating to effectively block heat loss



    One cup with three covers for more functions

                                                                                                                      Exploded view

    Qualification certificate

    Qualification certificate


    Packaging picture 

    Product packaging drawing      Product packaging figure



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