Precautions For Thermos Cup! | CHUNCHEN

In our life, the thermos cup is a more commonly used thing. With the popularity of healthy life, many people will take a thermos cup when they go to work or go out. It is very convenient to bring some things they like to drink. Of course, the water in the thermos cup is also varied, but there are four kinds of water that can not be filled in the thermos cup I believe many people are not very clear, so let’s have a look at it together. For our health, you can’t help but understand the knowledge.

First, make tea
Making tea with thermos cup may be the choice of most people. The knowledge of tea making is very profound. Tea culture is also a relatively high culture in China. We don’t talk about it much. We all know that the function of thermos cup is to keep the temperature. If we make tea with thermos cup, the tea will be in high level for a long time Under the condition of warm and hot water, some tea leaves can’t be soaked in this way all the time. Long time high temperature can not only destroy the vitamin of tea itself, but also make the tea more bitter and astringent. Far from reaching the taste of tea, it also increases the harmful substances of tea, which is very bad for our health. In fact, such tea making has been lost The value of tea.

Second, carbonated drinks
People who pursue a healthy life all know that carbonated beverage is not a healthy drink. If you put this kind of drink in a thermos cup, some chemical reactions will be easy to produce, and then harmful substances will follow. It is not good for the body to drink this way.

Post time: Jul-17-2020